Brief description  of Cedar point park

Cedar point is approximately 364-acre theme park situated in Sandusky, Ohio in United States. It was opened way back in 1870 and the amusement park is the second oldest in United States after Lake Compounce. It is possessed by Cedar Fair and America’s Roller Coast is viewed as the main attraction as well as the theme park chain’s flagship. It is compost of 71 rides which includes sixteen roller coasters ranked second in the global after the Flags Magic Mountain.

Cedar point amusement park normally operates from May to September and thereafter opened again on weekends to the late October. In fact the park is really amazing because it is the only theme park on the planet equipped with 5 Roller Coasters whose heights exceed 200 feet. It also has many buildings which you can find in the National register of historic places.

Main Attractions

Apart from five roller coasters, the other attractions of Cedar point amusement park includes seventeen thrill rides, family rides, water rides, children rides, cedar point shores. These attractions enabled the park to win Golden ticket award as the top most theme park in the global from 1997 to 2013, a whopping 16 years. The park also owns six resorts which are situated in the park grounds.

Cedar Point Ticket prices

The ticket price per day is $68. This is actually the ticket price at park’s gate. If you buy it before time on the park’s website, you can enjoy a discount of $25 per admission ticket you buy each day. This will lower the admission price to $ 39.99. When you add processing fee and tax, the total admission price per day will be $47.58. If you stay overnight in one of the cedar point’s hotels, you also enjoy some discount on the tickets. In addition, you are allowed to go to the park one hour before it is officially opened. Few local retailers sell cedar point’s tickets at a discount and you may easily buy from them.

There are also other tickets which include Fast lane pass whose price range from $60 to $80. The park also provides pre-paid parking with dining pass costing $31.99 per day. There is also a season pass at $132 for new clients and its renewal price is $126. Platinum season pass is sold at $204 to new clients and its renewal price is $198. This will comprise of the parking fee and some other perks.


Audience and tips

The main audiences of cedar point theme park are adults, children, business people and the lovers. You can visit the park with your loved ones and enjoy the world’s best attractions such as America’s Roller Coast. Before you visit the park, it is important to understand the tips to a successful tour listed below:

l Ask questions about any facility in the park for example, about the family care centres

l Special requests should be made in advance for example what you want to eat

l Make sure you dine on off peak times

l Arrive at the cedar point when it is opened to avoid congestion

l Understand the weather properly and plan yourself

l Buy FastLane

l Put on comfortable shoes and clothes

l Try as much as possible to stay hydrated to fully concentrate and enjoy the park’s attractions