LEGOLAND theme park tickets

LEGOLAND is a group of amusement Lego-themed parks for children or family. LEGOLAND is operated and owned by Merlin entertainment, a British company. The amusement park is found in many parts of the world, it started in billund, Denmark in the year 1968 then Windsor, England at the Windsor resort in 1996. It has grown and now it has parks in Germany, California, Dubai, Malaysia. other parks are to open in south Korea and japan this year. The park is going to be constructed in orange county, New York later this year, and china and India are proposed to open.

Tickets for some branches of LEGOLAND are as follows;


Adult  Children
1-day a ticket goes for $89 For ages (3-12) ticket goes for $82
2-daya ticket goes for $104 Ticket goes for$97


  Adult  Children
LEGOLAND only (ages 13 and up) $87 (ages 3-12) $81
 LEGOLAND + Sea Life $105 $99
 LEGOLAND + Water Park $108 $102
LEGOLAND + Sea Life + Water Park $111 $105


LEGOLAND being an amusement park, roller coasters are one of the attractions for visitors. Compared to other parks the roller coasters are not many in the park but there is great consideration for rides for young children.LEGOLAND is marketed to families with children of 11 years and Under.The Park is split into various sections, and they consistent among chain’s parks. All of the parks have a Lego miniland; it is a model village which includes familiar scenes found around the world and models of landmarks, made by millions of genuine Lego bricks. Other attractions include The Beginning,LEGO Technic, Imagination, LEGO Kingdom, Land of Adventure, and LEGO City found in Malaysia. Duplo Land, LEGOREDO Town, Viking Land, Pirate Land, Lego City, Polar Land found and Knights Kingdom in Denmark.

Dining in LEGOLAND is made convenient with presence of famous food chain restaurants and fast food companies and can be easily accessed by families visiting the parks;

l Pizza & pasta buffet

l Lego club house

l The Burger stop

l Castle ice cream

l Fun town market

l Castle burgers

l Knights’ smokehouse BBQ

l Ocean journey cafe

l Pizza mania

l The market

l Wok n bowl ramen

l Garden restaurant

l  Ninja kitchen

Tips to consider while at LEGOLAND

It can be expensive while visiting a park especially with a big family, you can save money by;

l Upgrading to annual pass. this will save you money and will also allow you to enjoy most of the activities in time.

l large meals can be split between children, since food is reasonably priced sharing can save money and also prevent wastage.

l Looking for coupons from Lego magazine for discounted offers.


It’s is not hard to choose the best rides for children at LEGOLAND there are no scary rides and for every big kid ride, there is an adjacent small kids ride available. But you can never predict the reaction of a child to a ride whether big or small.

Legoland offers a lot to the entire family. The park is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy the various facilties. You can also plan a gateaway together with friends and you will love it.