Things To Know About the Great Schiller Hyppolite

Every generation has its standouts and in the boxing world, this generation’s standout might be Schiller Hyppolite.  Born May 23, 1986, in Haiti, Hyppolite lives in Canada and is promoted by Eye of the Tiger Management.

The phenomenon may have only been fighting professionally for 5 years, but his career is already off to a great start. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at his early life.


In his childhood, Hyppolite was a thorough athlete. He participated in many sports; some individual and some team.  However, he had some behavioral issues that led to three suspensions from his high school basketball team.  By the age of 16, he had already learned Academie Frontenac kickboxing Montreal but with injuries to his leg he opted for traditional boxing instead.Things To Know About the Great “Schiller Hyppolite”

Crowned several times during his brief amateur career, Hyppolite made his professional debut against Patrick Tessier on a Bute vs Magee undercard fight.  Of course, Hyppolite won this fight in a 4-round Unanimous Decision.


Again, Hyppolite has only suffered one loss. With 21 wins, though, that loss should not set him back.  In addition, his single loss—to Francy Nietu—in Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec; was only a split decision and not a knockout.

Speaking of knockouts, the young superstar has won 14 of his fights via knockout (6 KO, 5 TKO and 3 RTD).  “RTD,” of course, stands for “referee technical decision” which mean that the fighter (or his corner) refuses to return to the fight after the rest period (at the beginning of a new round), which forces the referee to have to call the fight.  Finally, Hyppolite has also won 7 fights via Unanimous Decision.  As a matter of fact, the only split decision of his career was the loss against Nietu, in 2012.

Hyppolite’s longest fight went 11 out of rounds to end with a TKO against Norbert Nemesapati. The fight took place at the Belle Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on December 6, 2014. Because of this fight, Hyppolite won the vacant WBC International Silver Light Heavyweight title.  Similarly, his KO against Rafael Sosa Pintos at the Holiday Inn, Pointe-Claire, Quebec on May 22, 2014 earned him the WBC FECARBOX Super Middleweight Title.